Anger After Brain Injury

Sep 1, 2021 | Blog

Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel at times however when meeting new clients and their families this is something that often crops up early in the conversation.

“They are so angry now” or “They fly off the handle in a second”
These are all really common comments and often families have no support in understanding or coping with these outbursts. Where appropriate family education is something that I am always keen to facilitate as its normally highly beneficial to clients as well as families.

Anger often stems from frustration which is often an understandable emotion when brain injury has impacted aspects of peoples lives such as employment, relationships and ability.

One of the key factors in managing anger after brain injury is identifying triggers

Headway UK identify in their Managing Anger ebooklet that the following are some examples of commonly reported external causes or triggers of anger after brain injury:

  • People not understanding or underestimating the impact of brain injury.
  • Consuming alcohol l Busy, distracting environments.
  • Environmental factors such as temperature or noise
  • Situations that require waiting such as in a queue or traffic
  • Situations that make a survivor feel pressured or rushed.

Often survivors may not be aware or able to verbalise why they are feeling angry so educating those around the brain injured person is key, I urge all family members to take some time reading the booklet as it has some useful tips.

Another support tool is the Headway UK Brain injury identity card – which is designed to help police officers and staff more easily identify brain injury survivors and ensure that they receive an appropriate response and support. The card can also provide brain injury survivors with added confidence in everyday social scenarios. Each card is personalised, helping the card holder to explain the effects of their brain injury and request any support they may need.
You can apply for a card here.

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