Our Services

We aim to ensure that our clients feel informed and supported to navigate the often-daunting litigation process

Immediate Needs Assessment




A detailed and comprehensive assessment offering a independent assessment of the client’s needs along with recommendations and estimated associated costs to ensure that clients have the best start to their rehabilitation journey.

Case Management




A collaborative process in which we assess, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate options and interventions required. Ensuring these are cost effective and demonstrate positive outcomes for clients to progress them on their rehabilitation journey.

Family Support & Education


Families are often the scaffolding around a catastrophically injured client yet their needs are often overlooked. We ensure from the start families’ views are acknowledged, supported and respected and work collaboratively to problem solve issues which arise.

We can offer bespoke educational support and resources to empower families to better understand and manage with the impact of their loved ones injuries.

Recruiting & Training Staff



We can support recruitment of support staff to empower clients and identify relevant training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to carry out their role competently.

We involve clients within the recruitment process to promote positive outcomes for all parties.